Franczia DánielAdults and children come to ask me to teach them. Some of these people want to play for recreational purposes, enjoying music for music’s sake, while there are others who want to broaden their existing technique, and there those who also follow their dreams. I’m more than happy to teach the techniques and rhythms invented by myself and others before me. However I also believe that if a person has talent and destined to become what he or she has envisioned, the person will get there with or without my help.

During my private and online lessons I teach Darbuka, Cajon and Frame drums, I also organise summer music camps for children and weekend retreats, workshops for adults.

Because we are not the same, I always encourage my students to explore other possibilities, go and learn from others as well, experience as much as possible this way. From time to time I also need to be shown new ways, so I can keep broading my musical worldview which is also natural process in life.

I mainly teach in Budapest, and I also have a Darbuka Workshop in one of the Waldorf schools in Veszprém, where I have regularly been working with children since 2011. To my knowledge this is the only „Darbuka school” currently operating in Hungary, where children can not only learn Middle Eastern percussion techniques from week to week, even from the age of eight, but present their knowledge and skill to various audiences from time to time.

As of 2017 I am also a lecturer at Corvinus University, where my role is to further-inspire and refine the musical taste of young people allowing them to experience the ultimate joy of making music together.