Workshops for Adults

I kindly invite anyone to join our friendly percussion workshop/retreats which take place in the Lake Balaton region or the Bakony hills several times a year.

About these workshops:

During these weekends we focus primarily on playing the Darbuka, going deeper and deeper into Middle Eastern percussion techniques, basic rhythms, and their variations. There’s a special section each day when we practice improvisation and sink into social “flow drumming”.

We also take look at and explore other instruments such as the handpan, frame drums, tongue drums, tapan, cajon and everything else that can be found among the instruments on my website. Sometimes belly dancers also join us to try learning the various rhythms, drum patterns, and dance along the flow of rhytm created by the drum players.

Retreat participants also have access to online tutorials that allow them to quicly pick up on what they have learned over the weekend or revise the materail at home sometime later.

Please feel free to bring your own instrument(s), but don’t stay at home if you don’t have one, we can provide each and everyone with a darbuka during these weekends.

Misc events:

In addition to musical instruction you will have the opportunity to: – to go hiking and explore the surrounding area on your own or with fellow musicians, build a campfire, cook together or simply just have a blast and dance with the others. (Please note, that none of these events are compulsory during the workshops.)

Meals: If you have any special needs to tend to, please let us know when you apply (vegetarian, vegan, food allergy, etc.)

Accommodation: usually single/double rooms with private bathrooms are available. Arrival on Fridays from 11.30. Lunch is usually around 1 p.m, the first session begins at 2 p.m. The whole workshop ends at about 1 p.m. on Sundays.

If you happen to anyone arrive later, please let me know! The updated schedule and the date of the next worksop can be found under the events menu on my website, but I can also be reached at + 36304266099. I’m looking forward to seeing you!