Pearl Fishermen Latin Band

All Pearl Fishermen Latin Band’s songs have one thing in common: sunlight.
latin zenekar

Sunlight that shines through music and also warms its listeners. This is the kind of music and the dance that are associated with passion and pure feelings. The lyrics are about everyday life, love, work, but they can ofent have religious themes. They often tell of the beauties of the countryside or the misery of the people who live their lives there.

Repertoire of the Pearl Fisherman’s Latin Orchestra:
– Caribbean music (Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia)
– The music of Spain and its Canary Islands
– Andean folk music.
In addition, we also play some exotic melodies from almost every Central and South American country.

Each country boasts an individual music culture. The specific instruments of these regions make their music unique, exotic and inspirational for us.

Our goal is to interpret this to the Hungarian audience as authentically as possible, on original instruments.

In memory of the meeting with the Buena Vista Social Club… Photo: Dániel Vásárhelyi

Members of Gyöngyhalász:

Csaba Búzás: vocals, Spanish guitar, pan whistle, harmonica, cuatro, charango
Anikó Buzás-Jáger: flute, quena, maracas, panderita, vocals, Andean and Caribbean dances
Béla Szakáll: conga, cajón, timbales, colomp, castanets, quena, pan whistle, vocals
Géza Rauscher: Spanish guitar, twelve string guitar, vocals
Krisztián Nyakas: double bass, vocals
Zoltán Marton: trumpet
Nikolett Németh: Caribbean, Spanish, Andean and other Latin dances
Dániel Franczia: darbuka, bongo, cajón, güira…
Guest musicians:
Réka Fodor: flamenco and Latin dances, cajón, vocals
Mark Csizmadia: Latin dances
Árpád Horváth: pan whistle, guitar, quena, charango, gyro, violin, vocals
Károly Kovács: timbales, drums, vocals

latin zene

Our major performances:

– VeszprémFest – Veszprém Arena
– Rozé Riesling Jazz Days – Veszprém
– Ost-West International Folk Festival (Kőszeg)
– Canary Islands TV (Tenerife, Puerto de la Crúz)
– Colourfest (Slovakia)
– St. George’s Days (Sepsiszentgyörgy- Romania)
– Baroque Days (Romania)
– Handcraft and Folklore Music Workshops (Ostrava – Czech Republic)
– Veszprém Street Music Festival
– Summer Theater (Veszprém)
– Café de Riva (Turkey)
– Guitar Festival (Balatonfüred – successful Guinness record atttempt)

„Latin music interweaves our lives”- Pearler Latin Orchestra