NeoFolk is a pulsating and emotional kind of world music, a virtuoso performer of their own compositions, poetry and folk song adaptations, with a special atmosphere, in some places reminiscent of the musical traditions of the Carpathian Basin, the Balkans, and the Middle East. Neofolk was invited to play in Sweden in 2012 and 2013, and in Germany in 2014.

Our first album was released in 2016, titled Kövecses. In 2017 we released a cover album called Énekek Éneke (Song of Songs).

Our following album in 2018 called Egyhelyben contains mainly poetry music.


Judit Bonyár- vocals, overtone flute, cello
Péter Hűvösvölgyi- guitars, mandoline, bouzuki;
Dániel Franczia- darabuka, cans, tongue drum, djembe, shaker, gatam, cajon
Balázs Balogh- drum, cajon, darabuka, udu, djembe, shaaker,
Péter Baksa- double bass

Guest musicians: Gergely Okos – Drums

Guest musicians: Mátyás Egervári – Psaltery