In the spring of 2017, it dawned on us to get together to play music. Just loosely, without all the constraints and expectations, just to make us feel good. It so happened that on a beautiful sunny afternoon, while drinking a bottle of homemade lavender syrup made by grandma’s hands, we improvised non-stop for long hours, just for ourselves, just for music’s sake. Its positive effects were clear as day, so this soothing musical material was quickly given birth to, where we would just play freely without thoughts, locked in that elusive world. We were not directed, but rather opened, surrended by something extraordinary which allowed this non-earthly and non-celestial creation manifest through us. It is like a gateway between outside and inside, up and down.

On the CD, the most beautiful tones of the electric piano are associated with special percussion and plucked melodic instruments such as the handpan, sansula, tongue drum, Tibetan sound bowls, and various gongs. From this fusion, a soft yet pulsating, emotionally rich kind of music was born, which is not intrusive at all, but rather allows the listener to create thoughts and feelings on the go. The music on the album was put together in a way to keep the listener in a deeper and more deeper meditative state, and then taking him or her out of it again at the end of the session. Under the influence of music, our attention leads to exciting abstractions, giving us the opportunity to really immerse ourselves, to becoming aware of the processes that are taking place within us, or simply to make room for the beneficial effects of relaxation.

Spontaneous improvisations are not only for our own pleasure, but have also been successful at various performances. We have definitely found that there is a clear need for this. That’s why we decided to share our music with the public more widely. An important aspect of our concerts is that those present can listen in as comfortable a position as possible, which is why we often sprinkle our “auditoriums” with lounge chairs.

A Free Sample: