The ensemble ETHNOKOR was a defining and dominant musical formation in the nineties on the musical palette of both Serbia and the narrower region. The band that brings together outstanding talent, was later forced to miss out on a few years. Now, after years of hiding they play together again. I joined the band around 2010 as the only Hungarian on the team. A common musical language and form comes to life in our music while we all keep our own musical and spiritual traditions. It is true contemporary folk music: rooted in the past but living in the present.

Members :

Árpád Bakos – vocals, flute
Miroslav Jovančić – violin
Géza Kucsera Jr- clarinet, vocals, saxophone
Ervin Pálfi- contrabass, kaval
Dániel Franczia (H)- percussions
Zoran Dukic- guitar

The band plays in both small and large formations.